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About Black Oxygen Organics

The miracle Dirt

Extraction Method

CEO of Black Oxygen Organics, Marc Saint-Onge:

“The first step is extracting the mud from the bog and going to what we call a Lyophilization or freeze-dried process at minus 1000 degrees, isolating the active properties of the mud. It is so cold that it crystallizes and brings the peat into a powdered form. This is the freeze-dried point which dries it up and keeps the active components alive.

It then goes into a decanting system, much like a coffee filter with different sizes, the large size at the top and the small size at the bottom. We decant the pulp on a high-pressure system where we put in O2 in the form of CO2, like a big tank, and it goes through a filtering process with spring water.

At each level, there are different size microns that are discarded. The decanting system goes to .001 microns. At this size of .001 microns, there is a separation of the pulp from the humic. There is fulvic with the humic as it is a smaller molecule. It is a long process because the freeze drying gets rid of the water.

Peat is 80% water. As mentioned, we are then left with the powder. There are no chemicals used in the extraction process. We don’t use any agents other than water and oxygen. Note that at different stages of the decanting process, from large to small, different things are separated from the peat or pulp, like large branches initially.

When you look at the peat through a microscope, you will view different levels of particles not completely decomposed. Even at 40 or 60 ft where we auger drill down, there are still undecomposed particles. We have to separate the larger components initially in order to get the purity we want.

This is the purpose of the decanting or filtering system. Dependent upon particles, it may take 3 or 4 phases. We extract the pulp, barks, leaves and branches and return all decomposed matter to mother earth to resume the decomposing process now uninterrupted and preserving the ecology with the residue again part of the peat bog and in time completing its decomposition, perhaps years later.

Let’s examine the differences between our organic mud and inorganic substances like Shilajit, shale and Leonardite. The latter are decomposing organic matter that has fossilized over millions of years and is no longer organic, accumulating heavy metals within the rocks they have become, requiring chemical processes to remove the heavy metals naturally chelated as well as the humic/fulvic and particalizing the remainder and putting in water.

Our peat bogs, 45 kl by 25 kl and fed by the St Lawrence Freeway mineral springs have been carbon dated at 65,000 years and are still decomposing with 1500 male and female plants, some now extinct, containing all the minerals of the periodic chart, trace minerals, vitamins and phytohormones in a nanonized size.

Our philosophy of ingestion is as a mineral supplement and not a homeopathic. We are charging the body with cellular energy and in Canada our NPN entitles us to attest to its antioxidant behavior and its power as an electrolyte. The dosage of 5 ml is the optimal size for a single dosage arrived at to ensure the, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerative, heavy metal chelating, hormonal balancing, and adaptogenic functions of this product.”


About Black Oxygen Organics
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About Black Oxygen Organics
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About Black Oxygen Organics
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CEO and formulator has 30 years of experience and analyzed 63 peat bogs to find one of the highest levels of fulvic acid in the world. He provided the mud to spas for a long time before it became a NM company. 

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